Baddies with Business Retreat and Community Bazaar

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“You brought us together and we made positive connections, we left with practical steps, and we left feeling good about who we are and where we are in our journey. We were affirmed as black women creators”

“This event was amazing. The breakout sessions were wonderful and the timing was just perfect for everything. I didn’t know what to expect at first and I am so glad that I am now a member of the Baddies.”

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“I came alone and I’m soft-spoken/shy so I really appreciated the smaller groups which were more intimate and I was able to easily connect more with women that way”

“This was just the recharge that was needed for me to start completing things that serve me and my business. This retreat awaken my spirit and allowed me to connect with so many amazing baddies!!”

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Interested in connecting like-minded Black women entrepreneurs? Look no further than the Baddie Community. Enjoy engaging conversations about tools for your business, feedback on ideas, and a space to kick it. This is a space to build community together. It’s like chillin’ on the porch with a solo cup talking to your girlfriends!